Its collections reinterpret traditional designs giving them an aesthetic and contemporary use that reflect a refined, casual and cosmopolitan lifestyle.Maggie Galton and Maria Eladia Hagerman united by a vision and passion for the great cultural wealth of Mexico created ONORA, a craft design brand that has more than 15 years of collaboration with talented Mexican craftsmen in the creation of handmade textiles and home accessories.

Together, they represent the beauty they love of handmade products, as well as the history behind each of them.

This ambitious project unites tradition and contemporaneity in an exquisite artisanal work, perfect to decorate with style any luxury apartment.

They seek to collaborate with architects and specialists in interior design to develop tailor-made concepts that dress spaces with a unique personality.

  • Their customized service ranges from the production of exclusive pieces, by order, to the curatorship to build an environment that integrates the essence of the brand: collaboration, tradition and relaxed luxury.