Bamboocycles, a very Mexican company looking after our environment.

It is not a secret that bicycles are increasing their popularity around our country. It is just matter of walking around the main streets of Mexico City, and other big cities, to realize that this is the case. And of course, they are eco-friendly, they keep you fit, and they are fun!

Luxury IN Mexico contacted Diego Cardenas, director and founder of Bamboocycles, to find out more about his project.

How was the idea of making bamboo bikes born?

It was born on a trip and lots of research.

In the summer of 2007, I took a design course of traditional Japanese handcrafts, with bamboo, in France.

Traveling in Europe, I visited several cities and saw many people riding bikes. I thought it was a great idea to offer as a transport solution. When I came back, I kept the idea of cycling from the university to my house and at the same time, I was participating in a bicycle design research through time (trends). During the investigation, 1890 bamboo bikes appeared.

By the winter of 2007, I started to make my first bamboo bike. To date, we have manufactured more than 1,200, and currently, we have eight different models.

Why Bamboo?

The answer is simple: Bamboo is an amazing plant!

It is also known as “steel grass ” because it is an extremely strong, light and flexible material.

Replacing the metal of the bicycle frame with bamboo significantly reduces energy consumption and CO2 emissions; bamboo crops generate 30% more oxygen than trees, which makes them efficient air purifiers. It is a renewable and biodegradable resource that can be harvested sustainably as it grows quickly and naturally without the need for much maintenance. In addition, it is able to completely regenerate without the need to replant it. It doesnt require pesticides or other chemicals because it has its own antibacterial agent and grows so easily that it can even tolerate drought and flood conditions. Because of its rapid growth and root structure, bamboo prevents soil erosion and, in a very short time, helps the recovery of land destroyed by overgrazing, rebuilding and cleaning the soil of toxins.

What is your goal?

Our goal is to create light, sturdy, and environmentally friendly bikes, but our main concern is design. We are not content with using unconventional materials; we seek to take a step further by proposing an innovative design. Due to the nature of the materials we use, handwork is indispensable; hence all our objects convey a sense of artistic individuality. We take great care of the details and pay close attention to finishes: we guarantee exceptional quality in everything we do.

Reduce your ecological footprint and be part of the change: Choose bamboo!