Acclaimed Mexican Architects

Tres influyentes en el arte del diseño y la construcción que han hecho historia.

Three influential architects who have made history.

It is not easy to make international history in a world as competitive as that of architecture

Modifying the human habitat, including buildings of all kinds, other structures and architectural urban spaces is serious work.   This is why we felt inspired to showcase three architects who have made a name for Mexican design worldwide, through both local and international projects.

“Architecture is not a drawing. Architecture must be able to absorb the culture. ” Tatiana Bilbao Spamer

Bilbao Spamer’s architecture, focused on sustainability and social inclusion, has caused a stir in international design circles, so strongly that in 2014 she received a UNESCO Global Award for Sustainable Architecture, making her the first Mexican to win the annual prize, now in its 11th year.


Her work seeks to discover how architecture can be socially and environmentally responsible, which helps people live better. Due to her impressive trajectory, she taught at the School of Architecture at Yale University in the spring of 2015.


Among her most outstanding and beloved creations are the Botanical Garden in Culiacan, Sinaloa, and the exhibition hall at the Jinhua Architecture Park in China. She is also known for designing a sustainably-built $8000 house that she touts as a possible solution to Mexico’s affordable housing problems.


“Today more than ever I understand the responsibilities of this profession that impacts so many different aspects of human life and the development of society, and how it can change people’s lives.”

Javier Sordo Madaleno De Haro

There is no doubt that good taste and skillful design run in this young architect’s blood: His father is renowned architect Javier Sordo Madaleno Bringas, who has been recognized with countless honors both in Mexico and abroad, and his grandfather is Juan Sordo Madaleno, a pioneer who helped develop Mexican modernist architecture and who founded the firm Sordo Madaleno Arquitectos in 1937. Today Sordo Madaleno De Haro is the director of architecture of the famed company opened by his grandfather.


His passion for contemporary art gives an avant-garde style to his approach, and he is always trying to create something innovative, because for him, architecture is a means of expression and an excuse to generate new experiences.


Among his favorite projects are Luxury Hall, Nobu Polanco, Artz Pedregal and the most ambitious project that the firm has developed so far: Reforma Colon, which will consist of five towers (three office buildings, a hotel and a residential) that will be built atop a three-floor pedestal of commercial space.


“I like to observe the latent life in the middle of the city, the energy that goes around the built environment.”

Michel Rojkind

According to Forbes, Rojkind is one of the most influential architects in the contemporary Mexican scene; he has also been named one of the 150 most important creatives in recent years by Wallpaper magazine. During his career, he founded Rojkind Arquitectos in 2002, which was named by Architectural Record as one of the best ten firms for avant-garde architecture.


He is also part of the product design firm AGENT, together with Alberto Villareal, which has won several Red Dot Design Awards.


His style breaks with tradition to build a different world; his works seek functionality including in open spaces so that social interaction and everyday life happen naturally. He hopes to be remembered as someone fun; someone who created his own life doctrine, and all of this is reflected very clearly in his designs.


Among his most outstanding work is the reconstruction of the Cineteca National, the R432 Tower, and the Nestlé Chocolate Museum, among many others. He has participated in various large-scale international projects in Mexico, Canada, Kuwait, China, Dubai, Singapore and Spain and has taught at prestigious universities in the United States and Spain


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