In a drastic and capricious setting stands one of Mexicos least-known natural jewels. Not your typical tourist destination, this is a paradise for travellers with a discerning eye and a taste for authentic things.

Majestic and solemn in its greatness, the Tepozteco rises dramatically over Tepoztln, a small colonial town in Morelos, Mexico. Towering over old churches and cobbled streets, this breathtaking rock formation is home to ancient ruins that perch between powerful trees and natural staircases impeded in the hills.

Between the many churches, colonial buildings, and plazas of Tepoztln in the shadow of the great Tepozteco lies, serene and peaceful, a sanctuary for the senses: the Boutique Hotel Casa Fernanda, an authentic and proudly Mexican place that embodies the rich culture of the town and its surroundings.

Little details, some planned and some sporadic, give this special hotel its unique and un-mistakable flavor. Like the former mesa de correos of Oaxaca, now decorating the hotels Spa entrance, or the huge oak washstands in all the suites bathrooms. Curious and original sculptures from celebrated Mexican artists stand proudly in whatever places the artists themselves selected for them in the hotel. Exquisite aromas pervade every area, wrapping us in sensorial experiences. And, of course, the magnificent service of the staff makes every moment one of pleasure and absolute relaxation.


Casa Fernanda, with its holistic design and its lovely philosophy of eternal respect for nature, combines Mexican tradition with subtle luxury. A perfect example of the wonders and excellence to be found in our country, this hotel boutique is a proud member of Tesoros de Mxico.


Tesoros de Mxico, backed and authenticated by the countrys government, is a magnificent collection of hotels that best represent made in Mexico luxury. Places deemed unique by their heritage, design, history, and authenticity, they are each and every one an expression of art.

The town of Tepoztlan, an hour away from Mexico City, is a living and breathing organism. Alive with traditions and folklore, its nights are animated by music and processions, its days burst with color and the bright smiles of its inhabitants.


In the heart of all of this, Casa Fernandas doors open to embrace the unique culture of the town and to incorporate its many tastes; in the hotels restaurant the chef plays with tradition and innovation. Using native ingredients, the diverse dishes are an explosion of unexpected flavors and aromas, prepared with the utmost excellence.


From every area of the hotel the majestic view of the Tepozteco can be seen, every moment can give way to contemplation. In perfect harmony with its surroundings, this is a space of peace, of forgetfulness of the day-by-day that keeps us so preoccupied always. An escape from reality and yet in touch with its roots and history Casa Fernanda is in a way a portal. A portal to an ancient world under the shadow of this looming rock formation, Casa Fernanda is so much more than a hotel, it is a place touched by magic.