A geologic wonder more immense than the Grand Canyon.

Hidden in the heart of Sierra Tarahumara, Chihuahua, the natural wonder Barranca del Cobre (copper canyon) has been standing there for millennia protecting the customs and traditions of the Rarmuri natives, also known as Tarahumara.

The coppery tone of its walls named this group of seven major interlocking canyons (each one deeper than the Grand Canyon in Arizona), which were formed by six rivers that drain the western side of the Sierra Tarahumara. All of them merge into the Rio Fuerte and empty into the Gulf of California.

Besides enjoying the dramatic scenery, there are many places and activities around this natural splendor. Once you are there, you can reach sites like the Cascada Basaseachi, Piedra Volada, as well as villages, missions and Tarahumara communities.

Camping and bird watching is also possible, or simply admire the contrasting vegetation and the ever-changing tones and shapes of the highlands, which appear to melt into the horizon. If you are one of those who enjoy a fun day of zip lines, cable cars, wonderful colored light shows on the cliff faces, the Creel/Divisadero area along the railway line is for you.