Buying a yacht is easier than ever.

Have you heard that sailing sets you free? If you are passionate about yachts and exploring the seven seas, then you should know what I am talking about. But, if you havent tried to let yourself flow with the wind and find tranquility and joy in the comfort of your floating house, then you should stop what you are doing and start planning your next sea adventure.

Perhaps the best part of buying a vessel in Mexico are the exciting port cities throughout the country that will guarantee you memorable excursions as relaxing or lively as you wish. You can either wander the Pacific coast that offers dramatic landscapes and abundant marine life, or sail through the Caribbean Sea and enjoy a perfect blend of culture, pristine waters and white sand beaches.

Buying a luxury yacht in Mexico is probably one of the best ideas since you will have the whole Mexican coast -with its hundreds of gorgeous islands and anchorages- to get used to your new boat and sample the delights of feeling the breeze in your hair and the spray of the sea on your skin while enjoying the most magnificent scenery ever.

In addition, the bureaucracy is made easy by the Mexican government, there is no sales tax, and there is no need to panic getting your boat out of the country, since Mexico gives you a 10-year Temporary Import Permit. The whole process will take you less than an hour and will give you a lifetime experience.