The world’s first oenological park will be in Queretaro, Mexico, simulating the region of Tuscany, Italy. It is a unique concept in the world that opens the door to a magical place.

The design will be built as a village where there will be event rooms, a natural amphitheater, an ecological reserve, olive oil mill, a farm to appreciate sheep and an architectural milestone winery located at the highest point.

Besides the option to see the elaboration process, there will also be restaurants, bars and commercial spaces, a wine museum, a temple for religious celebrations, a hotel and an artisan brewery. It will also have eco-tourist attractions like a zip-line and ATVs inside the natural reserve so that visitors can enjoy with the whole family.

The park that will have a space of forty hectares, plans to open in 2020, however, Puerta del Lobo can be visited today to tour its vineyards, winery and barrels. It currently produces four types of wine: Syrah Puerta del Lobo (ros and red), Merlot-Cabernet Puerta del Lobo and its Top Blend “To Neto” which is a blend of Tempranillo, Syrah and Cabernet grapes

As if these were not enough, it has a real estate development where it is possible to acquire a piece of land for your own vineyard, and to produce or design your wine and label. The residential development will have a clubhouse, a swimming pool, a games room and an events room, paddle tennis and tennis courts.