Pai Pai: Culture, Art, & Beauty

An innovative company specialized in producing lipsticks inspired by Mexicos folklore.Karen Rodarte and Andrea Ibargüengoitia have been shaking up the beauty industry since 2013 with their colorful and vibrant lipsticks that capture Mexico’s traditions, culture and art through illustrations found on every tube and package.

Pai Pai means “lively people, people who move,” in an indigenous language found in Baja California. Pai Pai’s designs reflect this vivacious philosophy by covering each product with original Mexican motifs from Chihuahas to dragonfruit. Their hope is to inspire a lifestyle where local products are valued.

In a nutshell, the creators want us to carry Mexico in our bags and on our lips, so every time we use their products, we feel proud of our home.

Each product is a small work of art, since Rodarte and Ibargüengoitia collaborate with emerging illustrators. Each collection so far has been made by different Mexican artists from all over the country, celebrating the things they love most about their home regions. Some of these iconic designs have included various animals, Mexican candies, and naturally, Frida Kahlo (in the latest collection).


Definitely the love for Mexico is well represented by this brand that fuses culture, art and beauty in one lipstick.