Learn why the chef and restaurateur Enrique Silva is still a mainstay in the Baja culinary world.

His authentic and creative menus with only high-quality ingredients have helped chef Enrique Silva to stand out from his many competitors in Los Cabos, Baja California.

Born in the Mexican town of Navojoa, Sonora, he began working in the hospitality industry after graduating from Agricultural Engineering and upon realizing his love affair with fresh herbs and produce. Silva was a pioneer who traveled to the Los Cabos region of Baja more than 20 years ago in search of new opportunities. There, he was mentored by master chef Larry Nicola at Hotel Palmilla (now OneandOnly Palmilla).

Today, he is the co-owner of Tequila restaurant and owner of Los Tamarindos, one of only two USDA-certified organic farms in the area where he has welcomed a stream of devotees of fresh, locally sourced foods. It is not only a restaurant nor a cooking school, but it also provides organic products to some of the upscale resort properties.


Since 2013 Silva has been a consultant for the luxury resort Diamante Cabo San Lucas, which he is helping develop their own crops of organic herbs, vegetables, and 40 different varieties of fruit.

Silvas expertise and flair has been noted in several major media outlets, including the San Francisco Chronicle, Conde Nast Traveler, Chicago Tribune, The Los Angeles Times, Bon Appetit, and famed chef Rick Bayless television show Mexico One Plate at a Time. With a career like this, we couldnt help but asking him to tell us more about his greatest passion.

What personality traits do you need to be a chef?

One of the most important things is to be and act as a leader.


What is the basis of all-good cooking?

That one is simple: common sense.


Which is the gastronomic concept of Los Tamarindos?

100% organic farm-to-table concept. The imagination of our chefs will never bore you. IN Los Tamarindos you will always find different and delicious dishes, local and organic ingredients and a friendly staff.


Which dishes would be the most representative in your restaurant?

Everything is delicious, but I am sure you will definitely enjoy our baked tomato soup; the creole tomatoes salad with curd cheese; our tender octopus grilled over burning wood and served on a bed of arugula; chicken with fine herbs, roasted in a wood-fire oven accompanied by barley and yellow beet.


What is your touch? What have you contributed to Los Cabos?

The use of fresh and innovative products using ancestral cooking techniques such as the wood oven. Certainly, I introduced to Los Cabos the concept of farm to table and gastronomic innovation.


What is your vision of the current Mexican gastronomy and which trends do you consider will be the future?

I believe Mexican cuisine will continue discovering those native ingredients that will create innovative dishes with regional roots.


Which are your favorite restaurants?

Kuuk in Mrida, Seared by Jean George in Los Cabos, and La Docena in Guadalajara.


What ingredient is never missing in your home kitchen?

Olive oil with aromatic herbs.


Do you consider cooking to be art, science, both, or none?

I believe it is an art fused with common sense, if you can connect your nose with your mouth and memory.