Lydia Lavn Pays Homage to the Worlds Nomads

Lavn’s latest collection, Nmada, seeks to honor the history of Mexico, a country which has always welcomed people from different regions, ethnicities, and beliefs.Lydia Lavn, a Mexican designer who works with indigenous communities and artisans from different states of the country, celebrated the 12th anniversary of her label with the Fall-Winter collection Nmada.

Around the world currently, migrants face strong prejudice and often many hardships. To show her support, Lydia Lavn based her latest collection on the textiles of the people who have come to Mexico City from other areas of the country, in search for a better life. Nmada was created by migrant artisans, and as homage to their experience.

We have all been migrants, nomads, at some point of our lives,” says Lavn. “Beyond physical borders and legality, [something] has pushed us for years to embark on this journey to a new placein many cases unknown. It is the possibility, the yearning, to develop fully, to achieve happiness.

The collection presents a cosmopolitan, inclusive view of the influence that all people have in Mexico City, regardless of their origin, sexual preference, beliefs, or the color of their skin.


Lydia Lavn has appeared in all editions of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. In addition, she has participated in the International Tourism Fair of Berlin in 2014, as well as in the Fashion Edition of Buenos Aires and Germany’s Next Top Model.