Longines Global Champions

Tour Mexico 2017

The most important equestrian circuit in the world, now in Mexico City

The circuit that draws the best equestrian show jumpers in the world now includes a new and spectacular event in the capital of the country

This year, Mexico City had the honor of being the Longines Global Champions Tour’s inaugural venue in April, kicking off the annual competition held in the world’s top cities

In its 12-year history, Longines has positioned itself as one of the best equestrian competitions in the world, where riders compete for lucrative prize purses. Its 15 events have become legend, including individual and team competitions, and a Grand Prix in each city.

After Mexico, the circuit visited Miami Beach, Shanghai, Madrid, Hamburg, Cannes, Monaco, Paris, Cascais, Chantilly, Berlin, London, Valkenswaard, Rome, and Doha, where the final is slated for November 11th.

Last year’s Mexican Grand Prix went to Olympic medalist Roger-Yves Bost, a Frenchman.  This year the Swiss rider Martin Fuchs and his horse Chaplin took the Mexican top prize of 105,600 euros with a time of 37.07 seconds, and the enthusiastic crowd left no doubt that show jumping has won a new generation of fans in Mexico.