Mayakoba Resort in the Riviera Maya inspires renowned Mexican designer.

Nature and architecture were the muses that inspired Kris Goyri, who found himself surrounded by magical locations filled with colorful fauna and breathtaking landscapes.

Since he was a child, he has been driven by art and colors, which are still influencing his charming designs. When he started working in the fashion industry, his sophistication allowed him to conquer Mexican hearts; today he has captivated the whole world with his pure, exquisite, fresh, and feminine style, and this collection is a clear example of just that.

The Capsule Collection is created for women who like to be surrounded by nature, who love to feel comfortable, but at the same time elegant. Goyri imagined a woman being reborn into paradise, and the Mayakoba Resort worked for him as a sanctuary for creation, a space of tranquility that let him reflect on the essence of the resort, its mystical birds, its flora, and the majestic architecture of its four luxury hotels.

As a result, ten natural and elegant dresses arose to highlight the virtues of the destination, its pristine waters, its mangroves, and the marvelous Caribbean Sea. Without question, this balanced collection will become one of the favorites among women who love nature, color, luxury, and details.