Artisanal Silhouettes

Yakampot is transforming our Mexican roots in the trendiest fashion.

This trendy Mexican brand explores and studies the country’s traditional techniques of spinning, weaving and dyeing, as well as the history of traditional clothing, and takes them as a starting point to create contemporary pieces that preserve the essence of the region.

Francisco Cancino, the creative director behind the scenes, influenced by Mexican colors and textures, decided to create a concept to reinterpret our traditional aesthetic, and reinvent yesterday’s Mexico in today’s garments.

The brand is inspired by Mexico and the identity of our artisans. The color palette includes all the regions of the country and some of the designer’s childhood memories. His goal is to design clothes that people can feel, see and recognize as Mexican.

On the brand’s 5th anniversary, Cancino revamped the silhouettes and key pieces that have defined his collections’ spirit and style through the years, without losing sight of their greatest characteristics: timeless, artisanal and effortless.


In 2014, Yakampot won the contest Who’s On Next Mexico by Vogue and opened their first boutique in Polanco, one of the most sophisticated neighborhoods of Mexico City.